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The OU Office of
Government & Public Affairs 

The Oaksterdam University Office of Government & Public Affairs (OGPA) was established to address the training requirements of government agencies and regulatory authorities. As long-time cannabis reform advocates involved in shaping public policy, we appreciate the importance of providing training assistance and certification to government officials and agency staff. Community expectations and laws are evolving and localities must mitigate their risks.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the public, as well as government and regulatory entities with the knowledge and resources needed to successfully control, tax and regulate commercial cannabis for both medical and adult use.

Public & Govt Relations

Educational Services for Government Agencies, Elected Officials, and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Strategic Planning

Preparing institutions and agencies to roll out compliance guidelines, regulatory audits and law enforcement.

Continuing Education

CMEs are available for medical and healthcare professionals

Cannabis Policy

OGPA has trained and supported cannabis policy makers from both parties. OU Faculty have been involved in crafting the first compassion laws up to the most recent policy in the state of California.



Certification offers an advantage to graduates whose jobs intersect with new cannabis laws. Our programs will bridge gaps in knowledge, ease transitions and create enhanced understanding and collaboration with legislators, state regulators, and business operators.

Custom Training

To keep up with the evolving cannabis industry and help regulators understand the new commercial market, Oaksterdam University (OU) has a specialized curriculum focused on public health safety and customized to the unique needs of your agency and staff.

Oaksterdam University Courses

We have flexible learning options to match your schedule and learning style. Oaksterdam offers courses in real-time through our Live Virtual Classroom, or on-demand through our extensive library of online course offerings. Curated programs are available.

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Margaret Mead

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